Austrian Ecolabel

Sustainability at the Lebenberg Schlosshotel

For today and tomorrow

The Lebenberg Schlosshotel was awarded the Austrian Ecolabel in June 2022 and we are very proud of achieving such accreditaton

Our environmental efforts

Guests and the environment in harmony

Sustainability is a top priority for us

Our claim is to offer our guests an unforgettable stay, but at the same time to act sustainably and ecologically.

  • Printed materials and paper: Certified printer paper, environmentally certified printshop and unfoiled printed materials.
  • Waste separation & waste prevention: Together with you as our guest, we separate our waste and make sure that we reduce our waste production.
  • Cooperation with preferably environmentally certified companies (e.g. our laundry & our printing partner).
  • Energy consumption: We pay attention to economical consumption through partly automatically controlled light systems and a centrally controlled heating system and are happy that our guests also help us in this regard.
  • Water consumption: By optimally adjusting the flow rates, we pay attention to economical consumption and thereby generate large water savings.
  • Drinking water: Our house uses Grander water, which is of excellent drinking quality and also reduces the CO2 footprint caused by logistics.
  • Electricity mix: Composed of renewable energy sources.
  • Decoration: We use natural products as decoration in the house.
  • Bicycles: There is a large bicycle storage room in our hotel, so that nothing stands in the way of arriving by bicycle.
  • Transfer: We offer a free shuttle service for our guests to and from the train station who arrive by train.
  • Strengthening the region: In our cooperations we rely on regional partners to keep the added value in the region.
  • Seasonality and regionality: In our cuisine, we pay attention to local and seasonal products and prefer to work with local producers.

Legendary events

Stay up to date

What would the Lebenberg Schlosshotel be without its heartbeat? Learn more about unique events in and around the hotel. Here, too, we put the thought of the environment first.

31.12.2023 - 01.01.2024

News Years Gala

Gala dinner with aperitif, music and subsequent New Year's Eve party

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Enjoy with a clear conscience

Relax sustainably
In the middle of nature

Harmonise soul and body and enjoy a fantastic view of the surrounding mountains.