with Max Mavior


Expressionist Art

Max Mavior

The young artist from Germany inspires with his memorable artstyle.


His abstract expressionist figures as well as the use of strong colour combinations exude joie de vivre and give a feeling of liveliness.



Excellent brunch

Enjoy a fantastic brunch buffet, with aperitif and live DJ. From 11:30 to 15:30


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Nature, relaxation, events - enjoy your dream summer in Kitzbühel. Stroll through the Gamsstadt, explore the surrounding mountains, play golf against a fantastic backdrop or relax in our Lebenberg Spa. Summer in Kitzbühel has so much in store for you.

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in Winter

Nature, adventure, events - enjoy your dream winter in the most legendary sports city in the Alps. Ski in Austria's best ski area, stroll through the Gamsstadt or relax in our Lebenberg Spa. Winter in Kitzbühel is legendary.

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