600 years Lebenberg

The castle, which towers over Kitzbühel on the Lebenberg hill at an altitude of about 80 meters, belonged to the Bamberg bishopric in the Middle Ages. Approximately 600 years ago, the castle was built overlooking Kitzbühel and for a long time was the seat of clergymen and landed nobles. The noble seat was supposed to be the expression of a lifestyle that stood out from that of the burghers and peasants.
For a long time the castle belonged to the noble family Lamberg, who had a great influence on the development of Kitzbühel through the administration of the Kitzbühel court.

After an extension of the building in 1885, one of the first guesthouses in Kitzbühel was opened in Lebenberg Castle.
In the last 100 years, the hotel has been renewed again and again through further additions and conversions and has already had many well-known guests as a wellness and sports hotel.

A part of the hotel offers to this day 11 rooms, which are in the style of the castle and partly still show elements of medieval craftsmanship.