We are the Lebenberg Schlosshotel

Family flair meets professional service

A hotel with tradition and high standards!

The Lebenberg Schlosshotel was first mentioned by name in 1446. In 1885/88 Hugo Anton Emil Graf von Lamberg opened one of the first guesthouses in Kitzbühel in the castle. From 1950, the Lebenberg Schlosshotel was finally run as a hotel business. Today the 4*S hotel is part of the Harisch Hotels.

In the historic Lebenberg Schlosshotel, our guests feel the attention to detail. It is a feel-good place where warm hospitality, luxury and comfort meet. My team and I look forward to welcoming you and giving you unforgettable moments in this extraordinary location.

-Veronika Kuna, Hotel Director

Hardworking employees work behind and in front of the scenes to prepare a dream vacation for our guests.

From the request to the departure, our team is happy to be there for you at any time!

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